A Marvellous Mother’s Day

A Marvellous Mother’s Day

One of our takeaways during this pandemic has been to focus on what is most important. This Mother’s Day we built our collection with the specific intent of creating a memorable experience and a day of fun with Mom, grandma or someone who has that significant maternal importance in your life.

We’ve got lots of tips on how to make Mother’s Day the prettiest, personalized celebration of the year.

Make A Gorgeous Floral Garland

This tip is from our friends at Meri Meri. A beautiful floral garland will instantly make the dining or sitting room look absolutely stunning. Click here for the Step-by-Step instructions using beautiful napkins. 

Make A Floral Fantastic Party

Transform the table

How about making a tablecloth from kraft paper, which the kids can paint or draw on for a unique look? Watercolors work well, place ‘blobs’ of color and blow with a straw to make awesome floral shapes. Lay the table with plates, napkins and cups with floral designs. We’ve got several beautifully designed and crafted ranges, take a look here.

 Our Marvellous Mother's Day Party Kit (pictured above) makes is super easy to create a beautiful tablescape in minutes.

Food almost too pretty to eat

Mini sandwiches and cupcakes look delightful for a Mother’s Day party. Use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches into charming shapes. Decorate your cake with stunning cake toppers like our Flower Bouquet Cake Topper.

Delicious drinks

No celebration is complete without a refreshing drink (plus kids love to make mocktails!). Here’s three of our favorites which Mums of all ages will love. They’re all made with just three ingredients or less:

  • Peach mint mocktail. Sparkling peach soda, fresh mint and diced peaches. Yum, it’s like an alcohol-free Bellini.
  • Mango-ginger mocktail. Ginger ale, mango juice and fresh lemon juice. Very invigorating!
  • Pomegranate mimosa. Sparking apple juice and pomegranate juice. Fruity and delicious.

Personalized Gift

Give Mom a gift she'll cherish with a personalized book written by the kids. We have a selection of beautiful little books and letters that contain fill-in-the-blank lines describing some aspect of your affection and memories for your Mom.


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