Easy Decorating Ideas to Celebrate Mom on her Special Occasion

Easy Decorating Ideas to Celebrate Mom on her Special Occasion

Mother's day is on the 8th of May this year, and while there are many ways to make it a special day for your mom, along with finding a perfect gift. Whether it's mother's day or if she has turned 40, we love the idea of celebrating her special occasion.

You can celebrate your mom's special day with a family brunch, a special dinner, or a day out together. So, before you choose a cake or prepare pastries, try to create chic home decor to make the event even more memorable.

If you're looking for some creative and unique ways to make her feel appreciated, we've rounded up some of the simplest and most stylish ways to show your appreciation to your mom. So, let's get started.

1- Get a Balloon Bouquet

Rose Gold Balloon Arch Kit

If you only want to get one mother's day decoration item, make it a balloon bouquet. A pink and rose gold balloon garland is a great way to impact your party. A finished garland is 5 ft long and 2 ft thick, so they will take up an entire wall when they are all inflated. You can add multiple garlands for the desired length.

2- Make a Banner

write anything gold glitter letter

What's a party without a banner? You can make one yourself or buy a pre-made one. Either way, a banner is easy to add some decoration without spending too much time or money. You can even get banners that say "Happy Mother's Day" or "We Love You, Mom". Or simply get a write anything gold glitter letter to spell and hang anything you want.

3- Floral Party Bundle

floral paper plates

Get a floral party bundle if you want to add some florals to your decor but don't want to spend too much money. You can get floral paper plates, cups, and napkins from Lemonade celebrations and make your mom's special occasion even more special. Resplendent and adorned with flowers, these Meri Meri plates and cutlery will bring a touch of elegance to your party.

4- Best Mom Ever Picture Frame

Best Mom Ever

A great gift for your mom that she can treasure forever is a picture frame with a sweet message. You can find one that says "Best Mom Ever" from our shop or simply get a frame and write your message. This thoughtful and personal gift will surely make your mom smile.

5- Mother's Day Spring Flowers 18

Mother's Day Spring Flowers

If ordinary balloons or banners feel too temporary for your mother's special occasion, go for something more permanent like this Mother's Day spring flowers. This is an 18" tall arrangement of multicolor flowers that looks just fine along with other decorations.

6- Meri Meri Tissue Floral Crackers

Mother's Day spring flowers

These Meri Meri tissue floral crackers are perfect for a mother's day party. This pack of 6 floral tissue is perfect for your mother's day party decoration. They come in different colors, and each pack contains 6 crackers with tissue flowers.

7- Heartfelt Mug

Mama Needs Coffee

A mug is a timeless gift that always comes in handy. You can get a mug that says "Mama Needs Coffee" or 'Mom Fuel' from our shop. Or you can simply get a mug and write your message with metallic markers. This is a great gift for coffee or tea lovers.

8- Happy Mother's Day Cake Topper

Mother's Day cake topper

A cake topper is a great way to highlight the cake itself. You can get one for any cake and add extra care and attention to it. This Mother's Day cake topper from our shop is a great example. It's the perfect way to make any cake special without adding too many decorations.

9- Meri Meri Paper Garden Chandelier

Meri Meri paper garden chandelier

This Meri Meri paper garden chandelier is a great way to add whimsy to your decor. It's perfect for any spring or summer party as it comes with beautiful paper flowers and leaves. It's also very easy to assemble, so you don't have to spend too much time on it.

10- Mother's Day Card Garland

A garland made out of cards is a great way to show your mom how much you appreciate your mom. You can write your messages on the cards or simply get a pre-made garland. Either way, it's a great way to add some decoration to your party.

11- Pink Tassel Garland Kit

pink tassel garland kit

This pink tassel garland kit is a great way to add color and fun to your decor. It comes with everything you need in a tassel, so you don't have to worry about buying anything else. It's also very easy to assemble to spend more time on other decorations.

12- Rose Gold Party Box

rose gold party box

This rose gold party box is a great way to add glamour to your decor. The rose gold design is perfect, and your guests are going to love it. If pink and gold are your theme, you should get this matching piece that beautifully catches the light. It comes with rose gold plates, Ombre cups, party hats, confetti balloons, dotty napkins, and a happy birthday backdrop.

13- Handmade Mama Key Chain / Gift Tag

 handmade Mama key chain/gift tag

If you want to add a personal touch to your gift, get this handmade Mama key chain/gift tag. It is handmade and hand-painted with love. This is a great gift for any mother who loves to keep things organized and stylish.

14- Mint Boss Lady Coffee Mug

mint boss lady coffee mug

If your mom is a working woman or a boss lady, you must get this mint boss lady coffee mug. This cup features real gold details and a sassy message that will make your mom smile. It's a great gift for any working woman or mother who wants to show her appreciation.

15- Funny Mom Tumbler

funny mom tumbler

Get this funny mom tumbler to add a little humor to your gift. This tumbler comes with a lid and a straw, and it's double-insulated to keep drinks cold. It's a great gift with a beautiful message written on it.

Summing Up!

So, these are some of the best Mother's Day gifts that you can give to your mom. You can also add your personal touch to these gifts by adding a personal message or some extra decorations. Whatever you do, make sure that your gift comes from the heart and that you put some thought into it. Mothers deserve the best, so make sure to give them something they will truly appreciate.

Happy Mother's Day!

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