Create a Spooktacular Halloween Party

Create a Spooktacular Halloween Party

Halloween is sure to be different this year. If your kids are like mine, they are excited and looking forward to the holiday. So how can you give them a spooktacular experience even if trick or treating is unlikely to happen? Here are some of our ideas.

Team up with parents in your bubble

Plan something together with your social bubble. We are inviting the cousins over and creating a beautiful but small party for the kids complete with decorations, loot bags and costumes.


Get creative with trick or treating

To recreate a trick or treat alternative, consider a Halloween egg hunt. Hide treats all around your backyard or home and get the kids to find them. You can also set it up as a scavenger hunt with clues. You can purchase little pumpkins to put the candy in or simply put them in little treat bags. Consider introducing a fun new candy in addition to the family favourites. I’m going with the new Oreo Candy made just in time for Halloween.

Prepare your Halloween party dress up

Whether you like to make your own or score an awesome deal on costumes, this year plan ahead so shipping delays won't wreck your ghoulish ghost tours. You will find some amazing costume ideas here, here and here

Try these fun snacks and drinks

Give your trick or treat -ers goosebumps with this hair raising playlist from Spotify

Halloween Party

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Invest in Timeless Pieces

This is one holiday that I encourage you to think about making more sustainable. Invest in items that are durable and will over time help you build into something grand. Every year I add one or two additional decor items. That go with an overall look. Keep it fresh with some fun kid friendly items like balloon, garlands, pumpkin decorations or 'on trend' decals.

Keep it simple

You have a lot on the go. Look for simple one stop shop solutions that make shopping for all the Halloween essentials super easy, like our Whimsical Halloween Dessert Table. Put up your decor in a breeze and then spend your time actually enjoying the moments.

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