Encanto Inspired Birthday Party Ideas

Encanto Inspired Birthday Party Ideas

While we don't talk about Bruno, we do love to talk about bueno party ideas. In this blog we share not one but two of our favourite Encanto themed parties this summer.

The enchanting story of Disney movie Encanto has captured the hearts of both kids and parents. It is certainly one of our favourite themes this year. Based on the story, we created our own little Casita centred party this summer. Here's how you can create it too.

Set in Colombia, Encanto is about the Madrigal family, whose members each have been given a miraculous gift to use for the good of the community (uncanny strength, the ability to heal people with food), except for Mirabel. Mirabel is kind, thoughtful and loves her family. She doesn't know why she hadn't been blessed with a gift like the rest of her family and she tries to keep her spirits high and tuned to the family members to make a difference in other ways. It turns out their magical home, casita, develops cracks in its foundation and the families fate falls in her ability to bring them all together. 


The Miracle is You Party

For our party, we took inspiration from the beautiful casita itself, and each of the family members. 



1. Casita Backdrop - we worked with our favourite print shop to obtain the stunning 7feet by 7 feet backdrop of Casita and the Mirabel family members. The vibrant colours and characters set a gorgeous scene for our Encanto picnic party.

2. Themed Tableware - we took inspiration from the beautiful flowers and cacti from the movie to create a vibrant look. We used our Encanto Party Box to set up the scene.


3. Picnic Table - for our picnic table we used our outdoor cushions, pillows, throws and a larger coffee table - it all worked together beautifully.

4. Encanto cookies - instead of a cake, we ordered Encanto themed cookies from the very talented Kelsos Bake Shop. The cookies turned out to be an incredible addition to our set up and an inexpensive way to bring the wonderful characters of family Madrigal to our party.

5. Mirabel outfit for the birthday girl - We sourced this gorgeous Mirabel dress and it was the perfect choice as we watched our birthday girl dance to the Encanto soundtracks from the movie.

All in all, it was a truly enchanting party. Thanks to the Party by Star for partaking in bringing our Encanto party vision to life.



2. Fabulous Encanto Party


This fabulous backyard Encanto party was sent to us my one of our wonderful clients. She used a few items to bring this beautiful party to life. 







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