Enjoy a Wellness Day at Home

Enjoy a Wellness Day at Home

Raise your hand if you are feeling pain in your body, are Zoomed out, or simply not sleeping well. I have experienced one or all of these over the past few weeks. This weekend, I decided enough was enough, it was time to take control and enjoy a wellness day at home. I encourage you to try it. I promise you it will be well worth your time!

Those who know me, know that I LOVE spas. As a mom of a toddler who is more like the Energizer bunny, I am constantly on the run and it has been hard to find some time to decompress. My amazing parents offered to watch my daughter for an afternoon, and I immediately decided to take advantage of time. 

Incorporate Movement - Burn some calories

Lot of amazing resources are available online both paid and free to get you going. I love our AWESOME foldable weight bench and weights for strength training and the 7 minute workout app for some cardio. 

Create an easy and relaxing spa afternoon

Creating a spa experience does not have to be a lot of effort. If you have a bathtub, enjoy a nice bubble bath with a soothing bath soak. Roll on a favourite essential oil in the palm of your hands or add a few drops in your bath.  Follow your bath with an amazing body scrub and finish off with a face mask. Time permitting, paint your toe nails - voila! You got yourself a nice head to toe pampering experience. 

Our Pamper at Home Care Package includes some of my personal favourites.

Indulge in a treat

Enjoy a healthy snack or even a decadent cupcake (why not!). We have a selection of treats that you can include with any order over $50.

Hope my tips inspire you to give yourself some much needed “me time.”




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