It's summer again. The time of the year when all the frustration pours itself into life's cup. Some activities to kill boredom must be taken into consideration. Let's make some minor efforts to make this summer remarkable. No more sticking to the screen. Prioritize this prime chance of being closer to your family.

Let's dig deep into several essential practical adventures to venture into this summer with your kids. You must be seeking a bunch of ideas that don't push you to step out and sunburn yourself to have fun, right? Some sort of family-friendly experiments which are more likely to excite the kids in the kitchen or basement? If you're striving to spend some quality time this summer, several fun ideas are a must mention on your summer bucket list. With these activities, keep the clan hooked, amused, and indulged in warm activities during these sun-filled and pleasant days.

Stuff to label this summer as unforgettable:

Below we're providing a bunch of stuff that is likely to add the essence of memorable in your summer fun catalog. Check out.

  1. We Love Ice Cream Party Box

We Love Ice Cream Party Box

Summer sounds quite incomplete without the ice cream, right? Unaccompanied by the second thought, give a shot to our meri-meri-we-love-ice-cream-party-box It doesn't only include a centerpiece but paper plates and cups, napkins, a cutlery set, and boom 8-filled cones as well. The plates and cups have a brilliant dazzling shine. The cutlery seems vivid. With all this, make this summer indelible. The guests would be delighted to smell and taste the charm of this pleasant celebration.

  1. Inflatable Backyard Pool Tie Dye

Inflatable Backyard Pool Tie Dye

Even the thought of water splashing and spattering in this hot summer is so soothing. Spend this summer with your kids staining your shirt with the water of happiness. What if we let you know about our inflatable-backyard-pool-tie-dye  having a brilliant pastel color scheme? It has a water capacity of 270L with a comfy floor. Not only this, its durability is ensured and in case of a prick, patches of puncture repair are also provided.

  1. Pool Ring Confetti

Pool Ring Confetti

While paying a visit to some splash park, this item would serve you all the good. Beat the heat this summer with our pool-ring-confetti  which holds a weight of 100kg/220lbs. Lay on a mat over the grass and watch your kid hovering in the pool with this sprinkled ring. Watch him push the waves behind and move forward with all the cheer and joy.

  1. Melissa & Doug Pretty Petal Cultivator & Trowel Set

Melissa & Doug Pretty Petal Cultivator & Trowel Set

This summer plant something along with your family in the garden with the brilliant melissa-doug-pretty-petal-cultivator-trowel-set 

Plant a flower with this amazing durable set that won't harm your child at all. Planting and watering will make this summer worth remembering. Also watching the flowers blossom and bloom will fill the kids with bliss.

  1. Merry and Bright Balloon Garland

Merry and Bright Balloon Garland

Another summer great activity or game is embellishing a room with accessories and ornaments. For this, we're providing a merry-and-bright-balloon-garland that includes radiant and vibrant inflating balloons. The color scheme of the provided balloons is so catchy and attractive. What it will be doing is freshening the mind after a long tiresome day. You could add a touch of other accessories such as ribbons and stars as details add glamour. After the complete decoration, enjoy the aura of calmness with your family watching some good shows.

  1. Party Girl Paper Shot Glass

Party Girl Paper Shot Glass

Don't put a full stop after putting all the effort into decorating a festive balloon garland. As mentioned earlier, details are what push an embellished arrangement to touch the level of perfection. It's not just a cherry on the top. It's the soul of a whole decorative piece of work. So let's not stop there. Give a try to these party-girl-paper-shot-glass . These multi-coloured glasses with gold-lettered "PARTY GIRLl" are utterly perfect.

  1. Inflatable Ring Toss Game Unicorn

This summer is the prime time to get closer to your family. Forget the illusionary world and dive into the exquisiteness of the real world. Stick to the screen some other time. Build a strong connection this summer with your kids. For this, we're introducing an inflatable-ring-toss-game-unicorn Create two teams and play. Let you and your family laugh at the top of your lungs.

8.Pastel Rainbow Themed Gift Topper Kit

Pastel Rainbow Themed Gift Topper Kit

Colors are the gateway to a child's heart. These vivid and energetic colors are what blow energy into the souls. Keeping this in my mind, have a check on our pastel-rainbow-themed-gift-topper-kit  It includes ribbon, ric-rac, pom pom trim, confetti, acrylic gift tags, washi tape, honeycomb balls, stickers, and a bunch of other detailing decors. So without wasting much time, grab a set of it and fight off summer boredom.

  1. Melissa & Doug Pretty Petal Sprinkler

Melissa & Doug Pretty Petal Sprinkler

This enchanting melissa-doug-pretty-petal-sprinkler has pretty magenta flowers on top. These flowers will water you while you play outside in the garden or at the beach when the scorching rays of the sun will be warming you up. Also, it would encourage outdoor activities. It can also be used to water flowers you planted. Let you and your family sprinkled with the magical droplets this summer.

  1. Unicorn & Rainbow Bunting

Unicorn & Rainbow Bunting

Our unicorn comprises all the vivid scenarios and daydreams. This unicorn-rainbow-bunting has the essence of a mystical dream. Guests would be mesmerized if you'd hang this on walls, doorways, or around a venue. The details of the bunting alternate between unicorn and rainbow. It could be hung on a room wall to bring a dreamy essence. An essence, full of sparkle and magic.



Give your utmost attention to your family this summer. Rather than sticking to the phone and developing an aura of discomfort, find solace. Check out our website which includes stuff to stay connected to your kids in the most beautiful way. Beat the heat with fun activities and let this summer be the most memorable of your lifetime.

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