Get Ready for Cottage Fun

Get Ready for Cottage Fun

Can you believe that summer is already here? 

Are you heading out to your own, a friends' or a rented cottage this summer? 

A bit of planning and getting ready for the cottage will make your stay more enjoyable. Here are a few of our tips:

1. Prepare before heading up to the cottage

Two or three days can fly by quickly. Prep as much as you can before your trip. In addition to the grocery and meal planning, think about ways to keep things fun and easy. Make a list of activities, games, and essentials to pack. We have put together a list of summer essentials that will help you check off a few items off your list.

2. Cut a few corners

Cottages are great to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Make time to relax and cut some corners where you can. Use eco-friendly recyclable utensils, plates and cups to cut down on dishwashing time. We have a gorgeous line of tableware to help you do just that. Best part, you could create a few fun themes each day for the whole family e.g., ice cream social, superhero movie night, mermaid craft hour, the list goes on.

3. Gear Up for Fun

Make sure you have planned for the gears you'll need and have thought about activities especially for the little ones. There are plenty of activities for even the pickiest person in the family.. reading time, crafts, DIY kits and more. Check out our Kid's Activities and Boredom Busters collection for ideas.


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