Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

I consider myself pretty good at finding thoughtful gifts... some of my family and friends easier to shop for than others. Ironically, I find it the hardest to shop for the person I know the most, my hubby. So here's a short post on gift for hubby.

If I had to sum it up in a few words... FEAST for the eyes and belly. 

I chose the games and the handful of treats below to build an experience.

ACT IT is a fun, lighthearted game. Brush up on your acting skills for our new ‘Act It’ game by Talking Tables. Give an Oscar-worthy performance to play charades. Lot of creative potential with this one - turn into a movie night, karaoke and more.

Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now. A few treats like the Valentine's Heart Cupcake Kit, Heart Napkins and Unicorn Magic Mix of candies from our shop will help you turn any of your favourite snacks and takeout treats into a Valentine themed insta-worthy  charcuterie board.

Memories make the best gifts, don't you agree? 


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