Must See in Prince Edward County

Here's a full list of things to do at Prince Edward County as vetted by my trusted friends and/or I. Have we missed a gem of a place? Do let me know.

Check out our detailed itinerary of our three night getaway here.




Places to Eat:

  1. Miller House, Lake On The Mountain Resort
  2. Restaurant at Inn on Lake On The Mountain Resort
  3. La Condesa
  4. Picnic Bakeshop and Sandwicherie
  6. Drake Devonshire
  7. The Lakeside Motel
  8. HelloBonjour
  9. Sand and Pearl Oyster Bar
  10. Parsons Brewing Company
    1. Parsons Brewing Company
    2. 555 Brewing Co
    3. Gillingham Brewing Company
    4. Traynor Family Vineyard
    5. Sugarbush Vineyards & Winery
    6. Lighthall Vineyard
    7. Domaine Darius
    8. Long Dog Vineyard & Winery
    9. Slake Brewing

    Places to Stay

    1. The Lakeside Motel
    2. The June Motel
    3. Drake Devonshire
    4. Huff Estates Winery & Inn
    5. Lake On The Mountain Resort
    6. Drake Motor Inn