Prince Edward County Weekend Getaway

Prince Edward County Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, my family and I decided to take a short 3-night trip to Prince Edward County. We arrived Friday around 6:30pm and left Monday afternoon and stayed at The June Motel. My hubby and I actually added an additional night at the Ste Anne Spa afterwards which was amazing. I’ll save that for another post.

Here’s a round up of the places we visited.


Since we arrived late in the day, we didn’t make plans for the evening. Instead we decided to make our way to a cosy Mexican tapas restaurant called La Condesa. Their tacos were amazing!

Pro tip: while they only accept walk-ins, we had an hour wait. You can actually go on their website and add your name on their waiting list. Most of the restaurants close by 8pm, you can stay longer but they won’t seat you past 8pm. There’s only one place that was open after 8pm, My Pies and they had a very limited but delicious menu.


We had big plans on Saturday which was our only day of sunshine that weekend. After morning yoga class at the June Motel, we went for a quick takeout breakfast at Picnic, and then headed to Sandbanks Provincial Park. We had to advance purchase a day pass in order to visit the Park. It was a lovely day at the beach and walking along the beautiful sand dunes. Expect a lot of sand and wind! Some more hardcore folks brought bbq and tents and made a day out of it. We packed a picnic and took with us. For ideas check out our Picnic Collection.


After a quick shower we went to Parsons Brewery to taste their beer sampling and enjoy live entertainment. I am not much of a drinker but it was a really fun family friendly place. For dessert, we went to the restaurant at Inn at the Lake on the Mountain. This is a scenic must stop at PEC. The view especially in the evening is really romantic and beautiful. The Miller House is a fan favourite as well.

Pro tip: Ask for their chocolate cake… Mmm it was incredible. 

We went to the Mustang Drive in Theatre at night.



Sunday was a rainy day, and we lucked out in the morning. We had brunch at The Lakeside Motel. I ordered the Huevos Ranchero - so good! If I ever go back, I am definitely planning on staying here. The vibe in this place was my favourite! The location is gorgeous and tastefully decorated right beside the lake. Absolutely one of my favourite spots at PEC.

Check out their Glamping tents! 😀

We headed to North Beach Provincial Park for a fantastic beach. The rain had stopped by the time we got there. No joke, the beach reminded me of the Caribbean sandy beaches. You also need to prebook a day pass to visit. 

Dinner was at Drake Devonshire which also had an amazing lakefront view. The Drake has a few amazing spots set up to enjoy the view by fire. We opted for a quiet night at the June Motel and roasted marshmallows by the fire pit. They close at 10pm, so generally expect to be in bed early unless you’re at the drive in theatre! 


Our last day was very chill. We had a leisurely brunch and walked around the Main Street. Hubby and I had a feast waiting for us at Ste Anne’s. 

PEC is scenic, with cute farms, wineries and Instagram photo ops aplenty. We debated going to the Sunflower Farm or a Lavender Farm, but because of the rain chose to take an afternoon nap instead. 😀😴 Travel with a toddler is just not what it used to be when it was just the two of us. If you can, try to make this a kid free trip. Because we knew we were going to have the last day to ourselves, we opted to bring our toddler along and she loved it all. 

Here are a few other places that were recommended to us by friends who had been to PEC before us. We didn’t make it to some of these.

Would love to hear about your trip. Please do share and let me know if you have any questions. 





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